The Sister-Bear Story

Life can take unexpected turns, any day and at anytime. There's no way to prepare for it ... treat everyday as if it's your last. The kind of loss I have experienced, not many others can come close to relating to. On March 1Oth, 2018, I lost my best friend, Sarah Tucker. Sarah and I were in a car accident coming back from the small town of Whitedeer, where we were prom dress shopping. On the drive back we saw a bridge with railroad tracks just above it, we both thought it was the most beautiful thing. We stopped to take pictures under the bridge, and I’ll never forget the laughter we shared in that moment.

Sarah was the kind of person that lit up a room, just by walking into it. The kind of person you meet once, and remember for the rest of your life. The kind of person who's laughter was just so infectious. The kind of person that overflowed with the love of Jesus. If everyone was just a little bit more like Sarah this world would be a happier place. If I could spend 24 more hours with Sarah, I would tell her how much I loved, and appreciated her. I would want to make sure she understood how much of an impact she made on me and my life. She was the sister I never had, my better half, my safe haven, and my secret keeper. I would tell her how she made every bad day, good. She was always telling me that God was in charge and he'll never lead me astray, she kept my faith strong. Sarah also had the voice of an angel, when she sang she sent goosebumps throughout the entire room.

I am paralyzed from my chest down (T3). I spent a total of 66 days in inpatient rehab at Baylor, in Dallas. My mom and I made weekly trips to Ft Worth for 7 months, where I received outpatient rehab at a facility called Neurological Recovery Center. This clinic offered the latest robotic equipment, aquatic therapy, neurological virtual reality, as well as, acupuncture. I have transitioned those weekly trips to Lubbock, by myself, for rehab at Trustpoint. As of August 2019, this facility acquired a Lokomat, the same robotic therapy I was getting in Ft Worth. In the time I've spent at outpatient rehab, I’ve seen the impact of this technology, that isn't offered here locally in Amarillo, make such a huge difference in the lives of so many others, like myself.

I know God has a bigger plan for my life, otherwise, I wouldn't still be here today. My best friend didn't survive the accident, but I know I am here to serve a greater purpose in the lives of others, and Sarah is my inspiration for continuing to persevere through challenges I am confronted with.

I have learned to cherish every single moment, as if it’s my last. I appreciate the little things more, like little conversations with my parents at night and the radiant smiles from strangers out in public The high school basketball games that I always took for granted. I look forward to family time and church. Life is beautiful.

Kathryn Granger
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