Why Neurorehabilitation is so important to the Amarillo Region

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Neurorehabilitation is essential to achieving a positive outcome after both brain and spinal cord injuries as well for those individuals with mobility impairments. Quick access to good rehabilitation plays a key part in the long-term prognosis of most of those who suffer life-changing injuries or long-term illnesses

Although many patients receive a good standard of acute care at dedicated specialist trauma centers following an injury, there can often be a be delays around the provision of Neurorehabilitation, especially when specialist and multi-disciplinary treatment are required.

Accessing early rehabilitation may be a huge issue as centers who offer these resources are often located in larger metropolitan areas and incredibly difficult and expensive to access if they live outside that area. Travel and lodging alone can be an overwhelming expense, much less the physical wear and tear on a body while traveling.

Being able to provide resources and grants to allow for electromechanical assisted gait training to individuals of all functional levels is a lacking resource in the Panhandle region. The dream of Sister-Bear is to bring a device like the LOKOMAT to a center that can be used by individuals in the multi-state area.

This type of device can promote walking ability and independence, increased walking speed and endurance, improve hip function and step length, strengthen balance, muscle tone and reduce spasticity, improve both composition and overall increase the quality of life.

Recipients of these therapies might include – spinal cord injuries, individuals with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, adults with cerebral palsy, individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre patients as well as post-surgical clients.

Bring these resources closer to home, not only provides a source of ongoing rehabilitation, but also provides a community of individuals who understand and can be supportive in the ongoing recovery process.

Please join us in working to bring these resources home to Amarillo and the surrounding region. Your support financially is critical and great appreciated.

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